About Ecokube

Ecokube is an enviromnemt protection engineering company. The company is involved in all project stages from drafting feasibility studies, through full discipline civil engineering design, to turnkey construction. Ecokube has been established in 2005, and since then has recruited a multidisciplinary team of engineers.

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CHP and renewable energy

Civil Engineering

We provide our clients with leading technologies of wastewater cleaning and reuse. We offer a selected range of solutions that provide low investment and operating costs, combined with superior effluent quality.

Our CHP and heating solutions provide environmentally responsible, profitable, secure energy supply for for hospitals, libraries, schools, hotels, other public buildings. We offer natural gas and biogas powered systems

We provide our clients with cleantech engineering and financial consultancy. We help our customers prepare documentation for EU funding applications, bank loan applications and other necessary documentation.

We support our clients as designers, builders, supervisors and contract engineers. Our references include more than 30 projects in wastewater, energy, housing, industrial and civil engineering.

Contact us:
Ecokube Sp. z o.o. ul. Wólczańska 128/134

90-527 Łódź , tel. 042 630 0995, fax. 042 630 6645